The best result from a Bonjoro is a conversation with a customer, so that they make a purchase, become more loyal or even just tell you how much they enjoyed receiving it! However, in order to do that they need to open your email and watch your video - this article, which will be added to over time, shares some of the ways we have found to boost your results.

No 1: Hook up Bonjoro to your email - without integrating your email we send your messages from [email protected] - fine for testing, but with email integrations your Bonjoro's will go from your address. ┬áSuper important for customer recognition. Here is how you do this:

Email Integrations

No 2: The "Zuza wave" - this is all about the image that goes in the email (invented by one our users called Kristian Zuza...and promptly stolen by us!). Check out the welcome's we sent - start the video with a wave, or thumbs up, the first screenshot is taken in the first second - then use that image for the thumbnail. Simple!

Another consideration is lighting and a nice colourful background! Use the Bonjoro app to record your video with a colourful background, or outside if it's nice and sunny - this has a marked effect on view rates for our team.

No 3: Speed - the quicker you send these to when someone signs up...the higher the response rate. If you wait a long time drops off as any email. We've crunched the numbers and the fist 4 hours after a customer performs the trigger action is the sweet spot - with an open rate 5-10% above average. We also saw a steep drop off for Bonjoros sent past the 72 hour mark.

No 4: Where in customer journey? - Please talk to the team about this factor - every journey is unique - first signup is super easy at one end of the spectrum (first email is always the most opened for any comms) - where as disengaged users is at the other end (low opens, but often the most impactful when it works). Use of Bonjoro with cold leads has shown limited success for customers.

No 5: Re-Sends! - You can resend all your bonjoros manually - open the desktop / web app - head to results, hover over a vid and press "resend". This opens your mail client and sends a simple link - this often works where an image doesn't.
Secondly - you can set up an automatic resend with your CRM using Zapier - we've included Intercom as an example. You can also use Zapier to set up an automatic re-send with Gmail or an SMTP server. Please ask us if you need a hand with these set ups, auto-resends are an upcoming feature but these will be worthwhile in the interim.

No 6: Subject lines - Customise the subject line of your delivery email to boost open rates. See here for how to do it and consider testing subject lines in relatively large batches of 40-50 bonjoros a piece to test their impact.

No 7: Gifs - We can turn the first few seconds of your bonjoros into a gif that will play in the recipients inbox. There are a few things to consider with gifs - not all email clients support them as default, they can be a bit harder to get right, but if they are done well they can boost your results. See how here

Bonus tip: Some customers have had better results using a small whiteboard and writing the recipients name on the board to help boost recognition it's a personal video message.

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