Introducing Roll-ups a quick and easy way to send one message to a group of contacts on your to-do list.

Some things to consider before sending 1 to many:

  1. We 100% still recommend using 1-1 messages for the majority of your Bonjoros and particularly for your best customers and leads. 1-1 personalised messages have the biggest impact with your recipients and for your business.
  2. In addition to point 1 we recommend limiting your use of roll-ups as mass sending of identical emails will have an impact on your email reputation over time. Those using a gmail integration for their email address should be particularly aware of this. We are working on a feature update that will mitigate this and will announce it shortly.
  3. Roll-ups are best for lower return contacts or situations where you are doing a quick touch base with a established set of customers for a personal touch.
  4. You should have a separate Roll-Up Message Template that better suits a a more generic message as you won't be able to use contacts' names in the video
  5. Make sure to keep it timely to keep it relevant. If you are thanking a group of customers that bought a particular product, mention the product. If it's a daily welcome to a group of sign ups - mention the day and anything else that will show them you recorded that day, it's not just a set-and forget canned response.

Now we've said all that, let's get cracking!👇

How to Roll up!

Rolls ups are quick and simple and follow the same pattern as our bulk assign and dismiss actions.

  1. Select the contacts on your to-do list that you would like to roll up
  2. Click the 'Roll up these to-dos' button and run through the the to-do wizard
    Don't forget to enter a new shared Reason/Note for the roll up so you know 
  3. Record and send your message as you usually would from your to-do list 

 You will see an individual result for each recipient in your results list and they will be able to reply like in a 1-1 Bonjoro.

Note: Currently you can't select to-dos on mobile, but if you roll up on desktop then they will appear on mobile as a to-do.

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