Welcome aboard! This article provides an overview on the most important steps to ensure you become a Bonjoro MASTER. 

There are 4 key actions to take to make the most out of Bonjoro, so have a watch of this video which will guide you through each step. If you would like to know more about each of the individual points then there are links below the video.

4 Key Steps: 

  1. Outbound Email Addresses (0:45) Bonjoros are sent from your own email address - for better recognition, open and view rates.
  2. Integrations / Automations (1:14) Bonjoros are created automatically from your CRM when customers sign up for an account or makes a purchase etc., so you can just focus on a great personalised video, not admin. 
  3. Customising Your Bonjoro (2:04) Everything is on brand, add your own logo, background, call to action and subject lines.
  4. Sending a Bonjoro on Desktop and Mobile (2:28) You can record whenever/where ever it's convenient for you and find interesting backgrounds for better open rates and view rates. 


We are currently doing weekly Live Walkthrough Webinars where you can ask questions and learn the basics of Bonjoro! So if you are interested, sign up here: 

💌 Want a second chance at having your Bonjoro watched? Set up your Automatic Resends to improve your open and view rates! 

🤳How to send the PERFECT Bonjoro! 

🛠If you are still a bit curious about an example Bonjoro workflow, here's an overview by our founder Matt. 

🐻If you are looking for some inspiration here are some case studies from our Entrepreneur, E-commerce, Education, Creative, Charity, Consultant and SaaS users!

There's a lot more information on our main help page if you have further questions.


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