With the new Chrome extension, you can record video messages for you customers in ANY SOFTWARE you can imagine. 

Use this to record a message and drop it directly into Facebook messenger, Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, your support channels, slack, websites, SMS providers, anything with a text field!!

This Beta just allows face recording for personal messages; bear in mind it is a very early version of the chrome extension, so watch carefully as you'll see it updating a lot (with some highly anticipated new features) over the next few weeks.

1. Install the chrome extension

Head to the chrome store and install the Bonjoro chrome extension. Accept the permissions so this can access your microphone and camera.

2. Record your first video

Navigate to any page such as your Gmail account.Open the Bonjoro chrome extension by clicking the bonjoro logo in the top right hand corner of your chrome toolbar.You may need to login to your account at this stage.

You'll see a preview pop up - click "Start recording" to kick it all off. To stop recording, click the red flashing icon in the same location

3. Name, customise and share your video

After recording, a new window should open where you can watch your video, add a template, rename and then share this video.

Rename: click the icon after the name on top left

Message template
: Use an existing template, or create a new one. Subject lines will not be used as you are not sending in an email, but your logo, background, message and CTA will. You can read about how to create templates here

Sharing: Choose to share with or without the image. Copy the link, or link and thumbnail and paste into wherever you like

Here is an example of pasting into an outlook email

4. Manage videos

Head to "Recordings" and you'll be able to edit and re-share any of your videos from here.Unlike Task based videos, we do store these so you can re-use. 

5. Beta limitations 

Some core limitations we will be addressing in future versions, feel free to let us know more - we figured we'd just get this into your hands asap:

  • Record yourself only
  • Cannot edit thumbnail / gif
  • Cannot edit message text on side of video (uses template text)
  • Cannot track views
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