One way to quickly add a list of existing contacts to your TODO list is to use our CSV uploader.  These could be an export from your Mailing list, CRM, or contacts from a trade show. 

How to upload a CSV

First of all log into your account on on your desktop then head to the to-do tab  (not app). If you have not logged into your Bonjoro web account before, just use the same login details as you would on the app.

1. Select "add someone"

From the resulting drop down menu click 'Upload a spreadsheet'

2. Download our CSV Template by selecting "Download the template file"

3. Import your contacts & save as .csv

Open the Contacts.csv file in your editor (Microsoft Exel or similar) and edit.

  • Don't delete row 1 
  • Email is required
  • First_name & Last_name are optional.
  • Make sure you save as a .csv not .xls!!!

4. Upload and assign contacts to a team member

Upload your saved .csv file, and then select the team member from your dropdown that you would like to assign these Bonjoro's to do.  Select Confirm and you're done:)

Help - My CSV won't upload!

Please see here for some common troubleshooting

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