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One of the most powerful features we have in Bonjoro is to set up email integration so that every Bonjoro is sent directly via your own email client.  

  • Send Bonjoros from your own email
  • Track sent Bonjoros in your sent email folder
  • Use all your usual email plugins & tools with Bonjoro's. 

We have 3 different options available for setting up your email - you can set them up here

****The location of the email settings in the videos has changed. Please follow the instructions but find the email connections here ***

1. Verified Domains 

This is the preferred way to set up your email integration, but is a little more complicated and you may need your IT bears help.  Use verified domains to:

  • Set up any non Gmail / Microsoft hosted email
  • Ensure maximum delivery stability, spam rating & minimum bounces

Watch the video below for how to do this.  

**Please note you are not required to have SPF, just DKIM** 

Common DNS providers and their instructions:
Godaddy TXT Record
Cloudflare TXT record instructions
Crazy Domains TXT record instructions
Amazon SES and Route 53 TXT record instructions
Rackspace TXT record instructions

If your use a different DNS hosting service please do a quick google search for their instructions.

A little more Verified Domains help - how to get your IT support to help

2. Gmail integration

If you use Gmail to host your business or personal email address you still choose to set up verified domains, however our Gmail integration is much easier & faster.  Watch the video for how to do this below.

If you have both Verified Domains & Gmail set up, Bonjoros will send through your gmail integration. Make sure you remove this to send through Verified Domains.

3. Microsoft

If  you use Microsoft or exchange for your email hosting, then you can still choose to set up verified domains, but we also have a quick integration you can use too.  This works the same way as the Gmail integration so for help watch the video above.

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