We all receive so many emails daily. So many. 

And usually we determine when we will open those emails, first, next, or last, by reading the subject line and who the email is from. We want you to make sure your subject lines reflect your Bonjoro message! 

Bonjoro now has custom subject lines - you can find these in the message template section of your preferences: Settings > Message Templates or click this link.

All we ask is that you make sure your email or verified domain is connected to Bonjoro, this will also positively affect your open rates. 

How to edit custom subject lines: 

Head to settings and click 'message templates'

Message templates allow you to set up the delivery email for your Bonjoros and the design of the play page. Either create a new message template or click on an existing template to edit the subject line. Ensure the selector is on 'Email Template, then input your subject line in the 'Custom subject line' field. This will apply to all bonjoros sent using this message template. If you have multiple team members and want to send a different subject line for each team member - then you will need to set up a separate template for each team member to use. More is some more information on setting up your message templates.

At Team Bonjoro, we like to keep our custom subject lines short and sweet. "Hello from Bonjoro" or "Check out what I made for you!", something to peak our customers interest.

Happy Bonjoroing! 

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