So there are a few ways you can get free credit for your Bonjoro team if you're into that sort of thing.

$5 referral thank you

Located on the left hand side of your browser, open the blue free credit tab and you'll be presented with a unique URL. Share the bonjoro love and as a thank you for everyone who signs up from your link, we'll credit you $5.

Free Bear suit

Yeah thats right, you heard us - become an official Bonjoro team member when you reach 1000 Bonjoros sent. Impossible you say? Well the bear necessities are pretty high to join the team, but we've had customers crush this in 2 weeks!!!

If you hit this, pop [email protected] a Bonjoro (of course) and we'll be in touch for postage details.

Discounts for social causes, not for profits, and hustlers....

If you have a great cause, drop us a Bonjoro and tell us all about it and we'll offer you up to a 90% discount for helping to change the world - and if you really inspire us we may just get involved too. Everyone at Bonjoro has 5days a year to dedicate to doing good, so let us know if you need help.

As for you know what to do. Send me a Bonjoro [email protected] and get that hustle on!!

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