Welcome! Great to have you on-board at Bonjoro. This article provides an overview on the most important steps to ensure you make the most of Bonjoro from the start. There's a lot more information on our main help page if you have further questions.

There are 4 key actions to take to make the most out of Bonjoro and a 5th bonus step, please check out the video below for a summary and a quick screenshare of where to do them. There are more detailed links for each action further down the page.


  1. Connect your email -  So Bonjoros are sent from your own email address - for better recognition, open and view rates.
  2. Automate your workflow - So Bonjoros are created automatically when customers sign up for an account or make a purchase etc., so you can just focus on a great personalised video, not admin. 
  3. Customise your Bonjoros - So everything is on brand, add your own logo, background, call to action and subject lines.
  4. Install the mobile app - So you can record whenever it's convenient for you and find interesting backgrounds for better open rates and view rates. Just install from your app store and log in with the same details as your web account.
  5. Set up automatic re-sends - So un-watched Bonjoros get a second chance at being viewed

Want to see how to record the perfect Bonjoro

If you are using a mobile we have an example of how to send a Bonjoro using your iOS mobile device! We also have an Android app as well, reflects both devices. 

If you are still a bit curious about an example Bonjoro workflow, here's an overview by our founder Matt. 

If you are looking for some inspiration here are some case studies from our Entrepreneur, E-commerce, Education, Creative, Charity, Consultant and SaaS users!

Happy Bonjoroing!

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