Here at Bonjoro we test a lot of new products and platforms, and understand it's often hard to fully test new tools within a free trial period.  You sign up with the best of intentions, excited to see what this new tool can do for business growth and internal processes. Then business-as-usual gets in the way.

The 15 Bonjoro promise

From today, we are keeping all trials open indefinitely until you reach 15 Bonjoros sent, even if your 14 days are up. We’re calling this the 15 Bonjoro Promise.

The deal is this:

You get 14 days unlimited trial as standard on all plans and you can send as many Bonjoros in this time as you like, the trial is UNLIMITED - so go ahead, send 10,000.  After that time, you will (hopefully) have grown to like/ love/ need it and you can transition to one of our paid plans.

But if you hit 14 days and haven’t sent 15 Bonjoros we’ll keep your trial open indefinitely until you do. So if you get busy, don’t worry - when you carve out some time you can log back in and give Bonjoro a blast, all in your own time.

You NEVER pay until you reach 15 Bonjoros. This means that if in all of your initial excitement you enter your card details during the 14 day trial period, we will not charge you unless you have reached 15 Bonjoros when that period expires.

That’s it. The 15 Bonjoro Promise.

It suits us. It’s better for you. Everybody wins.

If you do decide to upgrade, all plans are billed on a Monthly or Yearly basis with yearly plans billed at the price of 10months, 2 months free.

You can cancel anytime in your billing settings, no questions asked:

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