There are ways, other than Bonjoro, to send a video in an email. Other platforms and other ways to DIY your video-customer-connections. BUT, I want to tell you why you should give Bonjoro a go! 

First: The actual recording and sending of the video

With bonjoro you can record a video from our website or mobile app, send it via email where it shows up as thumbnail image in the email. The recipient clicks the email, which opens up a landing page with the video playing on it. That landing page is branded with your company branding and a custom call to action (CTA) button where they can click as a next step which is usually a link back to your site, or some sort of valuable resource.
When it comes through our platform we can track the email open and the views for you. 

If you wanted to do this yourself, you can always simply record a video and attach it to an email, but sending as an attachment usually has a higher spam rating. Unfortunately videos don't play directly within emails so you'd have to do the following:

  1. Record a video
  2. Upload the video to an online host like youtube or vimeo
  3. Screenshot a thumbnail image from the video
  4. Embed the thumbnail in an email and link it to the youtube video
  5. Send the email using Yesware or some other email tracking software

So you can see there is quite a few steps. Also this means the video is hosted on a youtube page that isnt as nicely branded. 

Second: Automation

By far the BIGGEST value add that Bonjoro has is automation. We automate who and when you should be sending videos to. Here is how we do that:

  1. We can hook bonjoro up to an existing system you use (like a CRM, or mailing list app like Mailchimp) as a way to pull a trigger from that app
  2. You choose the trigger, for example a new sign up to your website or your mailing list
  3. That trigger pulls the contact right into bonjoro automatically so you can open our app and see a list of people who recently signed up
  4. All you have to do is select the person, and send them the video and we take care of the rest of the steps as mentioned above

The automation part is really key because it automates all of the process, leaving you focused on simply recording the videos. This makes sending 1:1 personal videos way more scalable.

Still not sure or have questions? We would love to chat! 

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