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Customise messages to your language and timezone

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Want to change the language on your messages? We have just released our language settings for every account! We want to make sure messages delivered through Bonjoro can be tailored to any language.

 How to change language on Bonjoro:

  1. Log into and click on preferences. Then go to settings You will see Language and Region as the second option. Set your language and hit the Update button at the bottom. 

We have translated Bonjoro into:

*Please note: We only translate the contact's Bonjoro email and their Bonjoro landing page.  Our mobile apps, website and Bonjoro notifications are still in English.*

We also suggest you set your own custom subject lines, see here for more information.

If you need another language localized for Bonjoro just shoot us an email, [email protected]. We will get that working for you! 

Happy Bonjoroing! 

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