To our beloved Patreon patrons,

Our new automation allows you to connect your Bonjoro account to Patreon so you can quickly and easily send personalized video messages to new supporters. If you are looking to understand what our funnels and integrations do at a more basic level please check out our funnel introduction doc.

The connection will pull the supporter's email into your Bonjoro tasklist.  You will receive a notification of the new sign up and all you have to do is record your message and send away.

Start at on your Funnels tab, and click 'Add a funnel'

This will launch the funnel editor.


Select a Service: This starts our integration. Select Patreon from the list then click Continue.

Choose a Trigger: Pledge created, Pledge updated, Pledge Deleted or New Follower - please click on one to select it and then hit Continue. If you'd like to use more than one, set up multiple funnels.

Select an Account: Now it's time to add your Patreon account. Select Add Account. This will bring up another window for you to add your Patreon credentials. Once you have entered the key, the pop up will disappear and you will see your account listed on the Bonjoro page. Click TEST, if your account was connected correctly you will see a pop up in the top right corner of your screen confirming this. Then click on the tile that represents your Patreon account, then click CONTINUE. The continue button will remain greyed out until you select your account. We support adding multiple different Patreon accounts to an account and this step is necessary to allow users to select from multiple options.

Customise: This is where you will choose your campaign that you want connected. Choose your list and click Continue. **If you would like more than one campaign selected, simply go through setting up another Patreon connection for that campaign. There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can connect.**

Do This - Action

Select a Service: Select Bonjoro and hit Continue.

Choose an Action: Click Create a Bonjoro then Continue.

Configure Options: This is where the bulk of the funnel configuration is done. See below for details on each option.

Attributes; You can select which attributes you'd like to pull in from Patreon about your contact. This lets you quickly and easily add layers of personalisation to the message. More information here. This is optional.
Assignee; if you are the only person on your account this will be your email. If you are a part of a team, you can select the team member you wish to assign the video messages to on your task-list. You must select an assignee before you click continue.

Campaign; If your funnel is part of a campaign you can select it here. This is optional.
Reason; this is the information that will be listed on the contact when it shows up in Bonjoro in your task-list. It will display under the contacts name so you you can see which funnel it belongs to.

Available variables (Optional): Add the pledge amount to the reason for quick reference and personalisation. Click on the variables to add them.

Click Continue once you have completed the assignee and reason fields (as a minimum).

Check and Set Live: Hit the 'Set live button and your funnel will become active.

That's it!

Great job, you are connected! 

If you have any issues or feedback, please email us at [email protected]

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