Do you feel like you want scream "BONJORO IS AWESOME!" from the mountain tops? We do too. 😊 Now you can do just that...using your social media. Bonjoro offers an affiliate program! Here is a little about how it works and what it does. 

Friends of Bonjoro - affiliate program

Bonjoro is on a mission to change the way businesses interact with their customers forever, and you can be a part of the journey.

How does it work?

Our affiliate program is simple to join, and delivers great terms for our affiliates as reward for spreading the word about Bonjoro. Once you are approved, we will provide you with links to Bonjoro that you can put on your website or promote through social media.

When people subscribe to a paid plan within 45 days of clicking your link, you will earn 30% MOM commission for the lifetime of that customer. We'll make your commission payments between the 28th and 30th day of each month depending on weekends.

Ready to become best friends?

It's easy and free to get started. Sign up here, and we'll review your application promptly.

If you need any further information feel free to reach us via our Intercom live chat, or contact our Head of Marketing, Oli, directly on [email protected]

Become Bonjoro's best friend! 

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