At Bonjoro HQ we use the app for far more than just customer onboarding, and one of the best hacks we built is our teamwide Bonjoro messaging system.

We did this by setting up group emails for each country team, and a global email "[email protected]" for the entire global team; when a message is sent to these emails, it delivers that message to the inbox of everyone in group.  

We use our these team inboxes for two things:

  1. Any team member can send a message to the whole team at any time and we do these to surprise an delight each other on weekly basis (Read on for examples).

  2. Any customer can message the whole team here too. We use this when startups and solopreneurs pitch us for discounts - and the whole team gets to vote.

This is free to do, and imensely fun and satisfying, especially if you have team members who are not on Instagram or Snapchat.

Most email providers are easy enough to set up a group email - but as Gmail users, this is super easy to do.

Setting up groups on Google

Step 1: Head to your Google Admin

Step 2: At the bottom of the page click "More controls" and click "groups" from the popup

Step 3: On the next page click then + icon to create a new group with a fitting email address and Access Levels. 

Step 4: Once created click "Add users to group" in the top right, add in your team and select permissions.

Et Voila! You can now use this group email to send Bonjoro updates to your entire team:)

Here are some ways we use it for inspiration: 

Sharing company trials and tribulations:
Feeding Parrots:
Showing off baby quail:
Introducing our mums:
Showing the team new features:
Christmas in Australia everyone:
Christmas in the UK:
Travelling with Simon:
More travelling with SImon:
Snowing with Amy:
Desert island Bonjoros:
Train travels with Oli:
3 legged puppies with Taylor:
Saying good morning:
Mikes cups:
Mikes cups 2:


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