I use Bonjoro to send a weekly update to the whole team worldwide each Monday morning with goals for the week, jokes, fun ahead - a general culture touchpoint.  This is super important given our team is in 3 timezones, and gets the week off to a great start.

To do this, I built a little automation in Slack, that sets up my Monday message task every week and reminds me to send it.

Step 1: Step up a group / team email

We do this in Gmail - read how here. You can set up a group forwarding email through most email systems. Essentially, for us - this is an email when I send to it sends that Bonjoro to everyone in our team at once.

Step 2: Step up a weekly scheduler in Zapier.

Search in Zapier for "Schedule" and set up your options to send on certain days, weeks, months or even hours

Step 3: Create a Bonjoro Action

Manually type in your team email rather than using a Variable - and chuck in a reason (make sure you use emojis).  

Step 4: Make sure you have notifications turned on

These are in your account settings. This way you'll get a push notification on your app when it's ready to go.

Step 5:  GO FORTH AND BONJ!!!!

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