Second times the charm! Now you can set your messages that haven't been opened to be automatically resent after a few days - the exact number is up to you.

  1. Go to and go to Settings. (You can find it in the settings menu cog at the top 

  2. Select Resend Workflow from the list on the left

3. This will open your Resend Workflow. You can edit this at any time.

You can change your subject line, email body, number of days, and make sure you check out the tips for automatic fill options! 

***You MUST include {bonjoro_url} in the body of the email in order to attach the Bonjoro's unique URL.***

4. Click Update  and you are DONE! 

Here at Bonjoro we use 2 days as the default resend timeframe but we encourage you to test to see what works best for your audience.

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