If your CRM does not connect to Bonjoro or Zapier we can still create a to-do if you get sign ups (for example) and you can set your CRM to send a notification email when this occurs. To set this up you will need:

  1. A Zapier account (www.zapier.com)

  2. An Zapier email-parser account (https://parser.zapier.com/)

How does it work?

Here is an overview of the process.

  1. When someone signs up your CRM will send a notification email to the Zapier Email Parser mailbox - you can also set up an automatic forward from your own email address if you cannot set multiple destination emails in the CRM.

  2. The mailbox will read the email and pull out variables like first names, email addresses, and the reason for the notification email

  3. This will trigger a zap and create a Bonjoro using the variables read right out of the notification email (super cool!) 

Okay - I'm in, but how do I do it? 

The first step is to create your Zapier and Parser accounts (if you don't have them). 

  1. Set up a Parser mailbox. The process is documented in Zapier's excellent help docs here: https://zapier.com/apps/email-parser#two

  2. Send a notification email (with the same formatting as the notification emails you will be sent from your CRM) to the Parser Mailbox

  3. Follow the instructions in the help doc above to teach the Email parser to recognise the variables like 'first name', 

  4. Link your Zapier and Parser account and 'Create a zap'

  5. Set the Parser as the trigger and configure it to use the mailbox you set up in Step 1

  6. Select Bonjoro as the Action App - with 'Create Bonjoro to do' as the action.

  7. Use the variables from the body of the email you taught to the parser in step 3 to create the to-do. 

Following the steps above you can take text from the body of an email like first names, email addresses and reasons and use them to create Bonjoro To-Dos.

It might seem a bit daunting on first pass but it is simpler than it might appear. If you need a hand at any stage please contact the Bonjoro team and we can set up a video call to talk you through it if you get stuck.

As always - Happy Bonjoroing!

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