This help doc will show you how to Integrate Bonjoro with Gist - right now, through the magic of Zapier. You will need:

  1. A Bonjoro account

  2. A Gist account

  3. A Zapier account

It's worth noting that this isn't a public integration yet - so you need to apply for an invite inside Your Gist account.

**Please note some of the information might reflect Convertfox due to the recent name change to Gist.**

What can you do with the integration? 

Gist has set up a number of actions that can trigger a zap - you can use any of these triggers to create a Bonjoro:

  • New user - Triggers when a new user is added on Gist so you can add them to your CRM

  • New lead - Triggers when a new lead is created on Gist so you can send them to your sales tool

  • New campaign subscription - Triggers when a subscriber is added to a campaign

  • New subscriber tag - Triggers when a new tag is applied to a subscriber

  • New page visit - Triggers when a user visits a page

  • New custom event - Triggers when a subscriber performs a custom event

  • Remove campaign subscription - Triggers when a subscriber is removed from a campaign

  • Update custom field - Triggers when a subscriber custom field is updated

  • Remove subscriber tag - Triggers when a tag is removed from a subscriber

How to set it the integration

Please follow the steps below to set up the integration:

  1. Enable the integration by applying for an invite - log into your Gist account and click Settings > Integrations (Scroll down) > 'Click here to get the invite' in the Zapier section.

  2. Wait for the Invite to process - then click 'Accept invite and build zap' on the resulting web tab.

  3. At this point you will be resented with this page:

Click ' Create this zap' and then select the trigger - it could be when you get a new Gist user, lead or any of the other triggers outlined in the list above. In our case we will select 'New User' and click 'Save & continue'

4. You'll be prompted to allow access to your Gist account through an access token at this step. This is very easy to find - please head to your Gist dash and go to: Settings > Access Token (Scroll down) and copy the token on the resulting pop up. Paste it into the Zapier pop up and click 'Yes, continue'. Then Select your Gist account and click 'save and continue'

5. Select your Gist account and click save and continue - then pull in in a sample user/lead when prompted. You've successfully set up your Gist Trigger!

6. Now we set up the Action - search for Bonjoro as the action app and select 'Create a Bonjoro' as the action.

7. Follow the prompts to Connect your Bonjoro account to Zapier if you haven't already. Click 'Connect an account to do so. If you've already connected your account select it from the list.

8. Next configure the attribute of the Bonjoro 'To-do'. 

Use the drop down to the right to select the correct variable in each field; email address for email address etc. The 'Reason' field is the only field where you can manually enter text - use a descriptive term for the to-do - such sas 'New User' or 'New Gist User' that will identify the reason for the To-do. Click Continue

 9. On the resulting page click 'Send test to Bonjoro' to make sure everything is set up - and your Bonjoro automation is complete! The 'To-do's  will show with the variables configured in Step 8 and show as below - with 'First Name; email address; Reason'

Here's a video of the process:

There's additional information here from Gist: 

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