Bonjoro recently released a Campaigns feature that lets you easily group tasks and results together for easy management and tracking depending on your various Bonjoro use-cases. This help doc will help you fix an issue resulting from a recent Zapier update to facilitate campaigns.

One of the key components of this feature is assigning Zaps (and our direct workflows) to feed contacts into a particular campaign. We recently updated our Zapier integration to allow you to assign contacts to a particular campaign. When we update the integration it may have caused as issue for users who had not yet configured their Zaps to feed into a campaign. This presents with an email or a popup with an error message as below:

The fix is simple:

  1. Please log into your Zapier account

  2. Click to edit on any Zaps you have set up to pass contacts into Zapier.

  3. Skip to the 'Customize Task' step in the 'Do this' section of the zap.

  4. Select a campaign for the zap - there will be a default campaign to select if you haven't created others yet.

  5. Enable Zap

That's it, once you follow these steps just enable your Zap and it will be back up and running! Any questions please let us know.

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