If you cannot find a direct integration for your software, you've come to the right place. If you've never heard of, or used Zapier...then you're in for a treat.   Zapier is a free (to start) tool that lets you connect pretty much any online apps you use to each other to create your own custom workflow tools.  

For instance, you could set up a "Zap" so that when you receive a new email, that persons email address is stored in a Google drive sheet. Or when you receive a new payment from your checkout, you receive a notification in slack.  The possibilities are almost endless.

Zapier works on the concept of Triggers and actions.

Triggers & Actions - Create a Video message for every new CRM signup

Lets use a simple example to demonstrate how this works:

  • A user signs up to your website, landing page, app or blog
  • .A Bonjoro is automatically created to do, in your team account, enabling your team to personally welcome this new user on board.

1. Head to the Workflows tab in your account and select "Add a Zap"

2. Select "Lets do it" to start from scratch, or use one of our pre-built Zapier integrations from the list if the suit you

You'll be asked to create a Zapier account, or log into your existing one. Once you have signed in, create a new zap:

A trigger is an event that occurs in one of your apps, that we will use to drive an action in another app. In this case we are going to assume that you are using Pipedrive as your CRM, but this would work the same way with any other CRM.

An Example would be, when a new user signs up to your website or blog.  You are probably using a CRM tool like Salesforce, Base, Hubspot or Intercom.


The action is the event that then occurs in response to this trigger in another app.  In the case of using Bonjoro as an action, there is only one thing you can do, and that is to create a Bonjoro ToDo:

To learn more about using Zapier, watch our two videos on setting up Zapier integrations: 

CRM integrations with Zapier Part 1

CRM integrations with Zapier Part 2

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