Integrations automatically create and assign your team Bonjoro's to record when customers perform certain actions such as signing up, upgrading, replying to a message, or submitting a request. ย This means you can get on with your day, knowing that your Bonjoro's are taken care of as and when they are needed.

Using our direct integration with ActiveCampaign you can add a Bonjoro task step anywhere in your AC automations - offering great flexibility and making sure you send the perfect video at the perfect time.

So how can I connect my AC (ActiveCampaign) with Bonjoro you ask, well it's super easy!ย 

Aaaaand that's it! If you get stuck at any point, hit that chat button on the bottom right-hand corner and chat with our awesome support team. :)ย 

To see how to use video interaction like views, replies etc to apply tags or as triggers in your Activecampaign automations check our out ActiveCampaign Custom Objects App

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