We advise using Chrome wherever possible - you can download this browser here.

You can also use Bonjoro on Firefox and newer versions of MS browsers & Opera.
N.B. Bonjoro desktop recorder does not work on Safari.

If your Bonjoros are still uploading slowly, check your internet upload speed here:  Bonjoros are not large files (~20mb) but Ideally you want a speed in the MBs range.

Other issues can be caused by browser versions, or excessive firewalls. If your upload speed seems fine, and you're using chrome, please follow these steps:

Next time you have an issue, try sending us a log from the Chrome developer console. You can bring up the console using the key combination *Cmd + Shift + J*. You can then save the log by right clicking (or Cmd + click) any whitespace and selecting "Save as..."

Send this into us and we'll be able to get to the bottom of it for you:)  

All mobile devices / Bonjoro app

Check if you are trying to upload your messages on Wi-Fi or your Mobile / Cellular Network. If one is running slowly, test switching between these to see if it affects the upload speed to isolate the issue.

Often your messages will pause if connection is lost - try the following:

  1. Click the red bar at the bottom of the screen indicating uploads are in progress

  2. On the upload status page, pull down to refresh and restart uploads. 

IOS / Apple mobile devices

Wi-Fi only: If you are experiencing slow upload speeds on Wi-Fi - and have tested your upload speed as in the section above - try to update your iPhone DNS settings on your connection to Google DNS  You can see how here:

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