Some services that integrate with Bonjoro will ask for an API Key. This key will allow Bonjoro to integrate with that service so that you can automate tasks such as creating a Bonjoro task for a new customer. 

Where do I find my API key?

You will need to log into the service that you are trying to connect. The API Key will typically be found in your account settings. See below for examples. 


Check out this Settings page on Convertkit to find your API SECRET

Note that for ConvertKit we actually require an API Secret. In this case the API Key is not sufficient.   


Check out this Activecampaign help document to find your API Key and secret. 


To find the MailerLite API key:

Head to the Integrations page, which you can find by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner of your Mailerlite dashboard.

Click the Use button under MailerLite API. Then copy your API key.



Click the "Instellingen" option located in the left side navigation menu. (In Dutch - Klik op ‘Instellingen’ links onderin het menu.)

The Account Settings menu will appear. Click the "Developer" option. (In Dutch - Klik vervolgens in het menu op ‘Ontwikkelaar’.)

The Developer Settings page will load and will display your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key. You can copy and paste this information into your 3rd party application. (In Dutch - Bij API-toegang vind je de URL met sleutel. Zie meer info here.)

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