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Video Messaging
Get Started with Bonjoro

How to setup Bonjoro and send your first messages

Using Bonjoro on a daily basis

Some of the features you'll use to make the most of your Bonjoro subscription

Roll up - Bonjoros at scaleCombines to-dos on your list so you can send 1 message to up to 100 contacts
Next Gen Message templatesIntroducing great new features for you video landing pages
Adding Contacts to your Task-ListHow to add contacts to your to-do list including - manually adding on mobile and desktop/CSV/Automation/Roll Ups
Workspaces (formerly Campaigns)Using workspaces to target different parts of your customer funnel
Custom Email FootersCustomise your email footer message
Create Custom Domains for your Video landing pagesHost your Bonjoro videos on your own domain URL
Custom SubdomainsAdd a layer of customization to your landing pages
To Gif, or not to Gif...Choose static thumbnails or liven up your messages with moving gif thumnails
Bulk Delete Your To-Do ListToo many Bonjoros waiting in your to-do list? Clean it up!
Tracking ResultsHow to track when you and your teams Bonjoros are opened, viewed, clicked and thanked.
🐻Case Studies🐻Need some Bonj-spiration? Then our array of case studies will definitely peak your fancy.
Automatic Resends from BonjoroYou can set your unengaged messages to be automatically resent after a few days.
NotificationsHow to turn on and off App and Email notifications
Customise your BonjoroAdd your own logo, background image and call to action button
Boost your email open ratesTips to make sure people open the delivery email
Boost your View RateGet those Bonjoros watched!