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Bulk Delete Your To-Do List

Too many Bonjoros waiting in your to-do list? Clean it up!

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Sometimes you get behind on your Bonjoro tasks, it happens to all of us! It's an easy fix though - just use the select tool to delete them in batches. 

Delete selected tasks, or delete all

Hover over the icon of the task/contact you want to delete and a small square will appear. Tick that box and from there empty boxes should appear in the profile circle for all tasks on the list. Simply tick the boxes of the tasks you want to delete and then dismiss them.  You can also assign and roll-up this way too.

To delete the entire list, check one box, then check the box that appears at the very top of your list and it will select all visible - so make sure you scroll down and let all your to-dos load!

If you have a really large number of tasks on the list you may need to repeat this action a few times.

**Please note: Deleting to-dos cannot be undone.**

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