Sometimes you get behind on your Bonjoro to-dos, it happens to all of us! Now you can bulk delete your to-do's in multiple ways. Here's two ways you can bulk delete: 

1. Delete select Bonjoro's: 

  Hover over the icon of the Bonjoro you want to delete and a small square will appear. Tick that box and from there empty boxes should appear to the left of the un-selected bonjoros. Simply tick the boxes of the Bonjoros you want to delete and then dismiss them.  

 2. Delete your WHOLE to-do list:

  Like you did for the above, hover over a Bonjoro and tick the empty box to the left of the Bonjoro. After this a small square at the top of the list should appear, click on this box and it will select all of your to-do list. Then say goodbye by hitting dismiss and ok. 

**Please note: Deleting to-dos cannot be undone.**

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