All you need to know about the Task List on Desktop

Not sure what you can do on the Tasklist and want to know ultimate power that lies within? Then carry on reading!

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The Task List is the engine of Bonjoro - it's how we help you organise your work on the platform. Contacts that are added manually or through an integration will be placed the list as a task until you can send them a message, then they drop off the list and move to the results tab. This document will refer to tasks and contacts interchangeably as they play the same role on the list. So without further ado, here are all the things you can do on the task list: 

  1. Manually add a single Bonjoro or multiple through CSV / Group / Automation

  2. Assigning/Deleting/Bulk actions 

  3. Edit Names/ Emails / Notes

  4. View your Bonjoros from Newest to Oldest

  5. History / Previous Bonjoro

  6. Roll Ups (Only on the Growth Plan) 

Important note: This doc only includes information on the task list on Desktop. The mobile app does not include CSV Imports or bulk actions, if you want to bulk assign/delete/roll up, you will have to do so on the desktop app. You can however assign/delete and view different lists on the mobile task list.

1. Add a contact or multiple, through CSV or Group to your task list.

To add a new contact to your task list or to record a Bonjoro to someone who is not on your tasklist. All you need to do is click on the big yellow button that says 'Send a New Message' at the top of the task list. From there you have 3 options - Add a single contact / Upload a CSV/ Add one person or to connect an Integration

When you add a single contact you have the option to record that message immediately, add them to the tasklist to record later, or create and add another - handy if you have a handful to add in one sitting. If you have a long list, the CSV upload is the best option.

2. Assigning/Deleting/Bulk actions

 Assigning or Deleting, as per the image below, is super easy. All you need to do is hover over a task and a small grey tick box will appear. From here, select or multi select the tasks that you would like to assign or delete. (The Assign and Delete Buttons sit right next to each other on the right). This select method can also be used for Roll ups.

3. Edit Names/ Emails / Notes

If you accidentally make a little mistake when adding an email, then no problem! Just click on the task within the list and to the right of their name there's a little grey pencil. That will open a pop-up to edit their email address/first name/last name and note. Just don't forget to hit save once you've changed everything.

4. View your Bonjoros from Newest to Oldest

If you are planning on working from your oldest bonjoro to your newest or vice versa, just click on the filter button that you can see below next to the 'new' button and it will switch your list round for you :)

5. History / Previous Bonjoro 

That name look familiar? Or think you have sent a Bonjoro to them before? Then don't fret, just click on that Bonjoro on your list and take a look at their user history and see if you have ever added them to your list before or sent them a bonjoro previously.

Change to your colleagues list (applies to teams)

If your colleague is away and you need to wade through their list or you just want to see your own list, just click on "All assignees" and a drop down will appear with your amazing team mates. Just click on the list that you want to see and you'll end up on their/your list. 

Roll Ups (Only on the Growth Plan) 

The select method as seen on assigning and deleting is used again here to group together Bonjoros to send a Bonj to a group. Roll ups is only available on the Growth plan. If you would like to know more about roll ups, please click on this link here:

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