The most powerful step in Bonjoro is moving to a fully integrated system, where by your Bonjoros are assigned and tracked directly from and in your own CRM / systems.
We provide two types of integrations that enable this workflow:

1. Dedicated Integrations

We will be building out more and more dedicated integrations, that make all of this simple to do.  Keep checking our updates here. Please see below for a video of Bonjoro's brand new direct integration engine.

Current dedicated integrations include:

  • Intercom - Send targeted Bonjoros to new customers & specific segments
  • Mailchimp - Welcome new mailing list signups
  • Patreon - Thank new donors in person.
  • Shopify - Thank new customers or show extra appreciation for big purchases
  • ActiveCampaign - Welcome new contacts

2. For everything else, Zapier Integrations & Recipes

For all other integrations we use Zapier to fill in the gaps. Zapier is a great free tool that enables you to quickly create custom workflows integrations between your online systems.  Our Zapier plugin enables you to connect Bonjoro to most CRM softwares.

To read more about Zapier see:

 Zapier Introduction

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