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Fine tune your Bonjoro Workflows to better target your messages

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Introducing workflow filters - a powerful new tool to control exactly who makes it onto your Bonjoro task-list. These are simple logic filters that only create Bonjoro tasks when the conditions are met.

Why we built filters

Filters allow you to build workflows with a lot more control so you can create tasks for your best customers, leads, students, donors or community members. This allows you to increase the impact of your videos and save you time - by allowing you to focus your efforts and reduce the overall number of tasks created. Some examples:

  1. Send thank you messages to customers that spend over a certain amount, or who buy a particular product.

  2. Thank customers on their fist purchase only, and again on their 5th or 10th to show your appreciation.

  3. Share your messages amongst your team by assigning tasks based on time-zones or other attributes.

  4. Send videos with demo booking links to leads that express interest in key product offerings only

  5. Easily assign video tasks to account or product owners.

How to use filters

Filters can be set based on the information you have about you customers in the tools you integrate with Bonjoro.

1. Integrate with your chosen tool and choose the trigger action for your Bonjoro video message (New customer, lead captured, purchase made etc)

2. Progress to the filter step and click 'Create new filter'

3. Configure your filter rules:

  • In the first drop-down menu, select the field that you want the filter to check.

  • In the second drop-down menu, define the data type. Text should be text, numbers numbers, dates dates. The data type will determine the types of filtering logic that can be done.

  • In the third drop-down menu, define the logic rule you would like applied to the field

  • In the entry field, define the limits for the rule.

In this example the Field is 'Session count', data type is a number, the logic rule is 'greater than' and the limit is 5. So video tasks will be created only where customers coming through the workflow have completed more than 5 web sessions.

  • Click Continue.

The above example is a simple filter that has one Field and logic but you can set up multiple rules. In the example below an additional filter has been set where the Field is 'Industry Name', data type is text, the logic rule is 'contains' and the text is 'Saas'. Now video message tasks will only be created for customers who have completed 6 or more web sessions and who's industry is SaaS.

It quick to see how powerful an addition filter are to your workflow and the almost infinite number of configurations you can set up based on the custom fields and values you have for your customers in the tools you integrate with Bonjoro.

Tips and suggestions

  • Configure custom attributes to match the fields that you are filtering by so it is really quick and easy to make sure the tasks created match your filters.

  • If you don't see tasks matching your filters check the configuration - particularly around your logic rule.

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