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An introduction to Integrations

How you can integrate with your CRM/tools to completely automate your Bonjoro workflows.

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The most powerful step in Bonjoro is connecting us with the tools you use, so actions taken by your customers can trigger personal and timely video messages and communications from you to them. 

When a customer makes a purchase, signs up, donates, becomes a lead or takes a step in your marketing funnel,  we can connect with the tools you use and add them to your task-list along with select data from your CRM to make the video extra relevant. That way you focus on personally communicating with your customers and driving business outcomes, we do the data shuffling for you!

What Integrations Do:

  • Pull contacts into bonjoro and add them to your to do tasklist based on a trigger like joining a list, making a purchase, being tagged in your CRM. You then receive a notification to send a message, and we serve up information on that customer so you can personalize the content such as what they purchased, where in the world they are etc

What Integrations don't do:

  •  Import your contact list to Bonjoro

  • Give Bonjoro access to your CRM contact list to use it like your phone or Google contacts list

  • Automatically send video messages

We provide two types of integrations that enable connections with your tools:

1. Dedicated Integrations

Direct CRM > Bonjoro integrations. We will be building out more and more dedicated integrations, that make all of this simple to do.  Keep checking our updates here

Current dedicated integrations and example funnels include:

  • Intercom - Send targeted Bonjoros to new customers & specific segments

  • Mailchimp - Welcome new mailing list signups

  • Patreon - Thank new donors in person.

  • Shopify - Thank new customers or show extra appreciation for big purchases

  • ActiveCampaign - Welcome new contacts or message tagged users

  • Infusionsoft (now called Keap) - Welcome new contacts or message tagged users

  • Convertkit - Welcome new contacts or message tagged users

  • Ontraport  - Welcome new contacts or message tagged users

  • Drip - Welcome new contacts or message tagged users

  • Hubspot CRM - Welcome new contacts or message tagged users

  • Mailerlite - Welcome new contacts or message tagged users

  • Slack - receive new message notifications in slack

2. For everything else, Zapier Integrations & Recipes

For all other integrations we use Zapier to fill in the gaps, so CRM > Zapier > Bonjoro. Zapier is a great free tool that enables you to quickly create custom integrations between your online systems.  Our Zapier plugin enables you to connect Bonjoro to most CRM softwares and over 1000 other products.

To read more about Zapier see:

Additional Integration features

1. Custom variables

Pull in information from your CRM, eCommerce platform or other tools so you can see them on the screen right before you record your video and work them in to your message for added personalisation.

See how here

2. Workflow Filters

Filters allow you to fine tune who you bring into Bonjoro based on your custom variables and fields. Want to create video tasks for people who spend over a certain amount, inquire about a particular course/product/offering, sign up after a certain date? Now you can with Bonjoro workflow filters.

See how here

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