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Shopify Integration

How to set up a direct Shopify Integration

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Ready to have your Shopify customers magically show up in your To-do list after they have entered their purchase? Awesome, let's get started!  You can connect Shopify to Bonjoro in a few easy to follow steps. If you are looking to understand what our integrations do at a more basic level please check out our integrations introduction doc.

Please watch the video for instructions on setting up the integration. If you need to connect your Shopify account for the first time - please see the instructions in the 'Select an account' step below.

All direct Bonjoro integrations have a Trigger, Filter (optional) and Do this (action) step. The trigger step is where you select the service you are connecting with Bonjoro, in this case Shopify, and where you define the trigger event in Shopify, e.g. New Order. that will cause a contact to be added to your Bonjoro tasklist in the 'Do this' step. For pretty much every one of our direct integrations the thing that is done in the 'Do this' step is to create a task on your list in Bonjoro so you can send a message to the contacts that have hit the trigger action. You can use filters to further control which contacts make it to your takslist. Only above a certain purchase amount, those who buy specific products, first time purchases only etc.

Follow the simple steps below to integrate with Shopify.

1. Start at on your integrations tab, and click 'Create new'

2. This will launch the integration editor.

2. Choose a trigger

Choose a Trigger: You can choose between two actions, New Customer or Order Created, and then hit Continue. New customer is triggered when someone is added to your store e.g. via signing up for a newsletter, creating an account or making a purchase, New Order when an order is placed. In both cases, when someone hits these triggers their contact information will be pulled over into Bonjoro. Unfortunately Shopify does not provide a 'First order' trigger for the first time a customer makes a purchase. If you would like this please be sure to tell Shopify!
**If you would also like to add the other action, simply go through setting up another Shopify connection for that list.**

3. Connect Account: 

Click Add an Account. This will open another window where you will input your Shopify Store Domain Name.

  • DO NOT INCLUDE '' at the end of your store name - this will cause an error and the integration will fail. Just enter the store name.

  • DO NOT INCLUDE https://www. at the beginning of your store name - this will cause an error and the integration will fail. Just enter the store name.

So in the case of a store URL the shopify store name is 'bonjorodemo' and only this should be entered in the Shopify store name entry field.

Once you have entered your shops domain name, Shopify will prompt you to log in and ask if you would like to install Bonjoro. Click Install and the window will disappear and you will see your account listed on the Bonjoro page.

Click TEST, if your account was connected correctly you will see a pop up in the top right corner of your screen confirming this. Then click on the tile that represents your Shopify account, then click CONTINUE. The continue button will remain greyed out until you select your account. We support adding multiple different Shopify accounts to an account and this step is necessary to allow users to select from multiple options.

Filter (Optional)

Set up filters to only let some contacts through the workflow

See how here


4. Select a Service: Click Bonjoro and hit Continue.

5. Choose an Action: Click Create a Bonjoro and hit Continue.

6. Configure Options

Attributes (Optional):
You can bring in Attributes from your Shopify store that will be displayed in Bonjoro in the web and app view before you record your messages. Very handy for personalisation of your messages.

Assignee: if you are the only person on your account this will be your email. If you are a part of a team, you can select the team member you wish to assign the pulled Bonjoros to. 

Reason: this is the information that will be listed on the contact when it shows up in Bonjoro in your To-Do list. It will be listed under the contacts name. Set this so you can easily recognise why you are sending them a video.

Campaign; If your integration is part of a campaign you can select it here. This is optional.

Available variables (Optional): Add the total price and item purchased to the reason for quick reference and personalisation. Click on the variables to add them.

Click Continue once you have completed the assignee and reason fields (as a minimum).

Check and Set Live: Hit the 'Set live button and your integration will become active.

You did! Set up your own Shopify automation... Great job! 

If you have any issues or feedback, please email us at [email protected]

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