Welcome to the Intercom Integration extravaganza! 

Part 1: Intercom creating to-do's

With your Intercom integration you can manage new sign ups, tag user segments for your to-dos, or be alerted when new users have been added to a list. 

To set up Intercom, please watch timeframe 0:00 to 2:30. This will walk you through setting up an Intercom integration.

This video also features a Patreon Integration, please see Patreon Integration to set up your Patreon integration.

Part 2: Adding bonjoro results to Intercom

To add your results into your Intercom account you'll need to have a free Zapier account set up.   Once you have this, use our pre-built zaps below to start:

Tag users in Intercom when they thank you for a Bonjoro
Tag users in Intercom when they share a Bonjoro
Tag users in Intercom when they watch a Bonjoro
Tag any user you send a Bonjoro to

Happy Bonjoroing!

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