GTo our beloved Patreon patrons,

Our new automation allows you to connect your Bonjoro account to Patreon so you can quickly and easily send personalized video messages to new supporters. 

The connection will pull the supporter's email into your Bonjoro tasklist.  You will receive a notification of the new sign up and all you have to do is record your message and send away.

Start at on your Workflows tab, and click 'Add a workflow'

This will launch the workflow editor.


Select a Service: This starts our integration. Select Patreon from the list then click Continue.

Choose a Trigger: Pledge created, Pledge updated, Pledge Deleted or New Follower - please click on one to select it and then hit Continue. If you'd like to use more than one, set up multiple workflows.

Select an Account: Now it's time to add your Patreon account. Select Add Account. This will bring up another window for you to add your Patreon credentials. 

Configure Options:This is where you will choose your campaign that you want connected. Choose your list and click Continue. **If you would like more than one campaign selected, simply go through setting up another Patreon connection for that campaign. There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can connect.**

Test the authentication: Once you have input the API Access information the window will close and you will see the gray TEST button on Bonjoro, click that. If it turns green with a check mark you are good to go. Next, click SELECT then CONTINUE.


Select a Service: Select Bonjoro and hit Continue.

Choose an Action: Click Create a Bonjoro then Continue.

  • Configure Option: Next, we need to set up who the Bonjoros are going to be assigned to and add a reason. Assignee is going to either be your email that is connected or, if you are a part of a team, you can select a team member. This is who the Bonjoro is going to be assigned to once it is pulled into the To-Do list. Reason is any tag you would like to show on the account when they are in the to-do list. This will be listed under the contacts name. Which you can add your Available Variables to make it match your desired criteria. Attributes: You can select which attributes you'd like to pull in with your contact details. More information here.

The Finishing Touches: Give your workflow a name so you can easily recognise it on your list of workflows. Then it's time to turn it on! Toggle the gray switch from Off to On. Then click Go to workflows.

That's it!

Great job, you are connected! 

If you have any issues or feedback, please email us at [email protected]

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