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Tracking Results

How to track when you and your teams Bonjoros are opened, viewed, clicked and thanked.

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What we track

We track delivery of your video messages though it's worth noting that it will lightly different if you have an oAuth (gmail, O365, hotmail etc) or verified domain integration. We show the time of deliver in your results section.

oAuth (Gmail, O365, hotmail etc): We track that the messages has been passed on for delivery to gmail or Outlook - we cannot track a delivery receipt from the recipients mail server.

Domain verified integration: We track sending and delivery receipt. Click on your result form the list and check the entries under 'Delivery history'


  • Paper plane icon: Delivery success

  • Email icon: Opens of each Bonjoro delivery email sent.

  • Play icon: How many views (hover for number)

  • Heart icon: This shows when the "Thank you" icon is clicked on a Bonjoro

  • Arrow icon: If your CTA button has been clicked

  • Replies: Replies typed by recipients on the Bonjoro play page


We also give replies in a separate tab so it's really easy to keep track of your conversations. Conversations where you have not yet replied will be elevated to the top of the list.Β 

Results on smartphone

A full set of results is included in the Bonjoro app. Just click the 'Results' button on the bottom right of the screen when logged in.

Results on desktop

The results tab on your tasklist has all you need to track your Bonjoros and your replies. Β Each Bonjoro shows the actions that have been taken on it. You'll also see an overview of all your team results, and you can filter these on the right hand side dropdown.

To see more detail on any sent message click on it on the results list. You can hover over icons for more detail on interactions, or click "Delivery history" for full detail on all action history, and you can see the message template you included too.

Filter and search your results

There are three drop down filters and a search function to help manage your results.

  • Use the 'Team' drop down to filter results and see only their sent Bonjoros.

  • Use the 'Interaction' drop down to filter results by opened, viewed, thanked or clicked results

  • Use the 'Time' drop down to filter by timeframes for sending.

  • Use the search feature at the top right of the header bar to search for individual Bonjoro recipients by their name or email address

Additional functionality

  1. View in pane: Click on the image of your message to play.

2. Open original to see the branded message.
3. Click resend to resend in an email of your choice.
4. Click the X to delete any messge.


Replies are easiest to manage on your dedicated replies tab.

We clearly show conversation that are awaiting a reply from your. The basic result functionality is replicated in the page. If you want to keep a conversation highlighted to reply later, click the "Mark as replied"

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