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Inviting & managing team members & permissions

Inviting team to your Bonjoro account to increase output and compare results

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Bonjoro is most powerful across your team, for numerous reasons such as:ย 

  • Fielding faster response times to signups & support requests

  • Letting different team members connect with their own clientsย 

  • Global business & support

  • Different team talking to customer at key stages in a sales cycle (i.e. Jim at Onboarding, Barry at closing the sale, and Lisa during the project)

  • Tracking and comparing results

In our Team settings area you can do the following:

  1. Invite and remove team members and set their permissions

  2. Give your team an official name and set your industry

  3. Disable reply by video for you whole team

Adding team members

In your settings you'll see a few options under the heading 'team'

Click on team and from there you should see a heading "Invite New Team Members". From there, fill in the relevant fields and invite your awesome team to Bonjoro.ย You need to enter:

  • Their email address

  • First and last name

  • Product you wish to invite them to; and

  • If Video Messaging, you will need to decide their permission level - admin or filmer

Note: if you do not have any licences left for your team, you will be charged when they accept the invite.

After you have filled it all in and hit invite and your team mate will be sent an email. All your teammate will then have to do is go to their email and click accept. If the team member you are inviting already has a Bonjoro account, all they need to do is go to the team members page and click accept on the invitation which will show at the top of the page.

From Team you are also able to edit and remove team members, see what products they have access too and add invite them to products they don't.

You'll also find non-accepted team invites here which you can re-send if needed.


There are two types of accounts on Bonjoro:

  • Administrator: Has access to all features including design & billing.

  • Filmer: Only has access to To-Do, Results and Add Contacts.

Managing team settings

There are a number of settings that apply on the team level and can be controlled.

Team name and Industry: Edit your team name and industry
Reply by video: Enable or disable our reply by video feature for the whole team where reply by video is not required.

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