Masterclass Lesson 3

Measuring and improving messages

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Welcome to Class 3

Measuring and improving your messages over time

Generally our users start to see serious success after sending between 15 and 100 bonjoro video messages (our biggest user has sent over 30,000!). If you have never sent video messages before, it takes practice to feel natural, and then longer still to maximise your ROI. Don't worry though, practice definitely makes perfect.

Focus on a single goal to maximise results. If you want to increase customers who turn up for a Demo, drive CTA clicks to your Calendar tool; If you're focused on increasing lead conversions, replies & conversations are probably far more meaningful.

1. Tracking your metrics

By now you'll hopefully have noticed the results tab on the website. While this doesn't necessarily tell you if you have a new customer, it is critical to checking message health, performance, and most importantly, helping you improve over time.

2. Improving open rates:

Open rates show how successfully your messages are getting through. Experiment with your Subject line, and check you have set up our Verified Email integration via CNAME. Open rates for a typical user should be around the 60-75% mark, this will vary depending on use case for example the quality of your leads and if you are B2B or B2C. There are a few high level considerations for better open rates:

  1. If you are sending genuine personal 1-1 video message never use a sending address that you use for mass sending like newsletters, marketing mail etc. Use your personal email address.

  2. Make your subject line relevant, descriptive and clear so the recipient understands why they re getting the message and why they should click on it. A solid subject line we have seen work wonders is: "A personal welcome to XXX (Yes I recorded this just for you) Where XXX is your company name.

  3. Timing is also really important for open rates when you are sending messages in response to a customer action e.g: thanking you messages post purchase. We've crunched numbers and in cases like this you have a 4 hour window to give you the best engagement, the nit dips a bit and remains strong for the next 20 hours, then drops significantly for 24-48, then more for 48-72 hours post purchase and further again after 3 days. Moral of the story - try and send your messages within 24 hours of contacts being added to your task-list and make sure you have us integrated so that they are added automatically from your other tools.

We have more open rate specific advice here

3. Improving view rates:

View rates show how successfully your messages are being watched once opened.

  • Remember to wave and smile at the beginning of your message as this shows in the thumbnail.

  • Test with Gif's on, and off.

  • Test your custom message note in message templates. Include first name tags, your name, and something unique. Provide some context for the video but leave the value proposition for the video itself, reassure your recipient why they should watch your message, actively ask them to watch it and tell them the next steps or reason they should watch it. Remember, they will be thinking "what will I get from this?"

  • Depending on your brand and customers, Emoji's may or may not help improve view rates.

We have more view rate specific advice here

4. Getting great replies & CTA clicks

To improve your CTA clicks, double check your "ask" is clear enough within the video. Keep your video short, and be specific and clear asking customers to click the link to take action. This also follows through for replies, ask a question, and ask customers to reply to that question.

5. Sense check your messages are delighting

Every message you send has the option to "Like" or share it. Likes are used by recipients when they are genuinely blown away by your message, and are a great way to measure the quality of your content. Likewise if someone tweets your message, you know you're onto a winner!

6. Knowing you're on the right path

You'll know when you've got it right, because you will be flooded with delighted responses from customers, like this response to a camp director from a customer:

Pro-tip: Results in Slack and your CRM

You can also track all your Bonjoro results in Slack, or even in your CRM. Find Slack by clicking the Bonjoro icon in Funnels and following the steps. For your CRM use Zapier. Here's how to do it.

Go check your results, but focus above all on your high level metric, conversions, testimonials, whatever that may be.

Next time we'll look at pro-tips such as customising your CRM integrations, using multiple templates, and re-sending your unwatched Bonjoros.

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