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Masterclass Intro and Lesson 1

What is the masterclass?

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We're here to mentor you and make 100% sure Bonjoro delivers phenomenal results for your business, helping you convert and create customers for life.
In this series we'll share with you the best practice to get started, some crazy success stories (one of our customers has made over $4 million by using Bonjoro in a single campaign), and easy-to-copy examples of how our best customers use Bonjoro in their businesses.

Things to expect:

  • Learn how to gain a competitive advantage through hyper-personalisation.

  • How to find your voice on video and quickly increase your conversions, sales and delighted customers.

  • How to customise your messages, track results and optimise your delivery

Join the 27,000 other businesses who have decided to shift their processes to video. With all that said - let's get straight into the first lesson!

As another option - if you prefer to learn more formally our Head of Growth, Casey Hill put together a course on how to create Superfans with personal Video that you can access in partnership with CXL for free though please note they do ask for a Credit Card on registration.

Welcome Lesson 1.

Its time to think differently, lets get you set up for success.



Back in 2017 we started Bonjoro to solve a personal problem. Millions of delighted customers' videos later you're here because you want some of that same magic.

Some reasons our customers turned to Bonjoro:

  • "People just weren't engaging with our emails"

  • "I wanted to create a truly memorable experience for users"

  • "I needed to convert more leads to grow my business"

  • "We needed to reduce churn & cancellations"

  • "I want to connect with my people in a personal way"

  • "Our business need to get more reviews and referrals"

  • "I just want to thank my customers for supporting me"

But before we jump ahead and start fulfilling your goals, there's one action you MUST NOT overlook. This is your first step to becoming a personal video master πŸ’ͺ

1. Action Point #1: Connect your email

To get the most out of Bonjoro right now, it's critical that your recipients recognise the sending address in their inbox. If you have not already, connect your business email by heading to the link below. For very best results, select "Send from my business domain", rather than the Gmail option. See here for help

2. The Bonjoro task list:

The most important thing to realise about Bonjoro is that we oeganise work around a task list - not a contact list. There's a very good reason for this - like email marketing, Bonjoro Video messages are sent in response to a specific customer action in your funnel, such as when a new lead signs up, books a demo or when a customer purchases a product. However, unlike email marketing, these are NOT automated, they require a little effort on your behalf, and see more engagement as a result. So when customers perform these actions they are added to your task list, you send them a message and they move to the results tab.
You can automate the creation of "Message tasks" each day by connecting a data source such as your CRM and creating a Funnel. Each day you'll have an updated list of customers that have performed your chosen action (such as sign up to your website) in your tasklist. Funnels are fantastic, however you can also upload a CSV, or add customers 1 by 1 to your to-do list.

3. Sending your first Video messages:

When you send a Video message, you have the choice of including a static image, or moving gif of your video that goes out in the email to your customer - choose which here.

To get great view rates start practicing these 3 things:

  1. Smile when you start your video. Your face is going to be seen, it makes the world of difference!

  2. Wave for the first 2 seconds of video. If you're using a gif this looks great in the email and encourages opens.

  3. Go mobile:) You can record messages on desktop, but download the Bonjoro app to record on the go. You'll create far more interesting messages, generally have better lighting, and as the app notifies you of any new "to-do" you can respond much faster - the faster you respond, the better the outcome.



That should get you started with recording. In the next lesson we'll look at what to say in your message, and how to drive better business outcomes with content.


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