Masterclass Lesson 4

Pro tips for scaling personalisation

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Welcome to Class 4

Becoming a pro

Once you have your head around the basics of Bonjoro, there are some additional customisation and time saving options you'll want to check out.

1. Ultra-Personalisation at scale with attributes

Your time is way better spent on delighting your customers than it is doing boring administrative work. We've talked about making your videos personal, but did you know you can show specific customer information right before filming, so you can tailor your message precisely depending on what actions they have taken in your product, where in the world they are, what their job is and more.

To use this you need to have a Funnels connected. If you don't see your specific tools, we also support thousands of other services via our Zapier integration.

When you connect your workflow you'll see the option to select "Attributes".

These are custom to your CRM - and whatever you select will be displayed on a customer profile, right before you record.

You can see how to set up attributes for our native integrations and Zapier here

2. Use different templates for funnel stages

You can create as many custom templates as you need, each with a different design, CTA, Subject line, Message and more. Customise your template depending on what stage in the funnel your customer is, and what you are looking to achieve. For example:

  • Set up a clean, professional template & CTA that invites clients to upgrade, or join an invite only group.

  • Follow up with leads like Advocately with a simple message to take the conversation to the next level.

  • When it comes to retention, set up a holiday theme for an excuse to get in touch with all your existing clients and warm leads and wish them well.

Try setting up a new message template here and A/B test your messaging over time.

3. Resend un-watched Bonjoros after a few days

Its not your fault if your recipient happens to be asleep or at work when you send your Bonjoro. One surefire way to turbocharge your results is to set up your Resend Workflow. It will resent a plain text reminder notification for un-viewed videos. Customise the subject line and message text to make it recognisable. Set the notification to send within 1-3 days after your initial message so it's still fresh in the recipient's mind.

4. Re-use videos and scale with the Chrome extension

The Bonjoro Chrome Extension lets you record using your webcam, screencast or webcam+screencast. Build up a library of videos for quick re-use to:

  • Share easily in social media channels,

  • Embed in mass marketing emails from tools like Mailchimp,

  • Quickly record and drop a video link into a personal email

Access your videos in the 'Recordings' tab.

4. Most importantly, make customers smile

Without a doubt, the messages that work best on Bonjoro are those that drop the facade of work a little, the messages that are personal, funny, and genuine. The truly great, don't just smile, they have fun, surprise and delight their customers. Show your customers you're having a good time recording and watch the views & results roll in.

5. Roll-up less valuable messages

Too many leads a day? Our roll-up feature lets you combine 45 messages into one. While not as personal, make these messages "in the moment" so still mention the day of the week etc.

A few more small things

Next lesson we'll look at using Bonjoro as a team. If you have yet to build a team, we'll be sending one the day after with lots of customer examples.

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