Masterclass 1 - The basics
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Welcome to lesson 1:

As you can tell, I'm excited to get going. Are you ready to jump in!?

​Back in 2017 we started Bonjoro to solve a personal problem of a lack of engagement with our emails. Millions of videos later you're here because you want some of that same magic.

Some reasons our customers turned to Bonjoro:

  • "People just weren't engaging with our emails"

  • "I wanted to create a truly memorable experience for customers"

  • "I needed to convert more leads to grow my business"

But before we jump ahead and start fulfilling your goals, there's a few key steps you MUST NOT overlook.

These are your first steps to becoming a personal video master 💪

Step #1 - Connect your email

To get the most out of Bonjoro right now, it's critical that your recipients recognise the sending address in their inbox. If you have not already, connect your business email by heading to the link below.

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Step #2 - Connect your tools

Bonjoro video messages are sent in response to a specific customer action, such as when a new lead signs up, books a demo or when a customer purchases a product.

You can automate the creation of your video tasks by connecting your tools such as your CRM, email marketing tool, or eCommercer store.

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N.B. Workflows are amazing, but you can also upload a CSV, or add customers 1 by 1 to your Bonjoro tasklist.

Step #3 - Create your branded template

When you first sign up to Bonjoro, you'll be able to send videos with our Bonjoro branded message template.

You can easily create your own template, with your logo, branding, messaging, and call-to-action on. Just head to the link below and get customising.

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Step #4 - Send your first Bonjoros:

Once you've added your contacts into Bonjoro, to record your video, just click "Record Now".

N.B. To get great view rates, try these 3 things:

  1. Smile when you start your video. Your face is going to be seen, it makes the world of difference.

  2. Wave for the first 2 seconds of video. If you're using a gif this looks great in the email and encourages opens.

  3. Record on your mobile. You can record messages on desktop, but download the Bonjoro app for faster recording and better lighting.

In the next lesson we'll look at what to say in your message, and how to drive better business outcomes with your videos.

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