Masterclass Lesson 2

How to create great message content that converts.

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Don't forget - your messages are as good as the content.

Even though personal video has a definite "Wow" factor, to get the very best results for your business, you need to focus your message on a specific outcome you are looking to achieve.

Some examples are:

  • Direct the recipient to a call-to-action such as booking a call, paying for your offering, or leaving a testimonial

  • Ask a customer to leave a review somewhere that makes sense for your business.

  • Ask for a reply to a specific question to start a conversation and ultimately a relationship

  • Nudge recipients to join your facebook community

  • A thank you can be enough, but make it heartfelt and real and they'll share and tell others you can be assured.

1. How to drive customer action in your video

Check out this great example by Alex, on the Customer Success team at Design Pickle. He provides all the information the recipient needs, and specifically directs them to take the next action, in this case to email the help team with any questions.

Mention their name and have a clear "Ask" in your message to successfully drive action. You have probably heard your favourite YouTube-r asking you to "like and subscribe" because it actually works! If using automations, custom attributes display information about a customer before you record so you can personalise your message to their name, job, country and actions in your CRM.

2. Customise your supporting message & CTA

In this message from Tim from Lake Wenatchee YMCA, Tim includes a custom note and "Call To Action" alongside the video.

This note appears alongside the video and gives direction:

  • "Thanks for your support of camp" [Warms up recipient]

  • "Check out this video" [Direction to watch]

  • "See what you helped make possible" [Hook]

Customise the supporting note before sending your message and make sure you are using message templates below.

3. Action Point #2: Custom message templates

Design your own compelling Call to Action, Messages, Subject lines and custom designed Bonjoros by creating message templates and applying them to your messages before you send.

Try setting up a few message templates, and focus on your main ask for conversion.

Next lesson we'll look at measuring results and ensuring you maximising your opens, views and actions.

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