Message Templates is where you get to make your email layout and landing page as YOU as possible. A design & message tells a lot about a person/company. We want to make sure that your customers not only receive an amazing video from you but that they know from the get-go what kind of business you are before they hit play. 

**On the Essentials plan you only have 1 Message Template, and on the Growth Plan** you get multiple.  

With Message Templates you can adjust: 

  • Background and Logo of your Landing Page
  • Pick your brand colour for the play button and CTA
  • Edit the name of the CTA button and add a link
  • Switch your email layout from HTML to Plain Text
  • Custom Subject Line
  • Default Message Text (The default message text can be changed after recording)
  • Name Template so you know which template you are using. (Only you/your team can see the name of the template)

Let's Get Creating!🎉

Variables and Variable fallback options

  1. You can include tags for{first_name} {last_name} {full_name} {email} that correspond with your contacts' stored data. These are the only tags we support a this stage
  2. Don't have your contact's name stored? Add a fallback {first_name|there} to fill the empty name field with a simple "Hi there".
  3. Tags are available in Custom Subject Line and Default Message Text.

A/B testing On our highest paid plans you can set up multiple message templates and select which one you would like to use at the point of sending from the app or desktop. This gives you the opportunity to change individual components like subject line, plain text vs HTML delivery emails, message text etc to work out which gets the best open and view rates with your audience. Some tips on A/B testing:

  1. Alternate sending between templates each time you do a Bonjoro - this is better practice statistically than sending 50 messages with one template, then 50 messages with another. 
  2. Test in numbers - we recommend doing at least 50-100 bonjoros in the A/B test to account for natural variations. Ideally, even larger numbers should be sent but obviously, that will take longer.
  3. Ensure your email is integrated so bonjoros are being sent from your own email address to get best results.

Want to have GIF's of your Bonjoro as your thumbnail?? (Only available on the Growth plan) 

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