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Send a Bonjoro video to your whole mailing list using the Chrome extension
Send a Bonjoro video to your whole mailing list using the Chrome extension

The best way to get massive scale using Bonjoro

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We know that 1-1, highly personal videos have a great impact but sometimes you just want to send a video message to your entire customer list - or key segments and with our Chrome Extension and Video Library there is a quick simple way to do this. Great for:

  • Announcing a new product or service

  • Updating your customers about a special offer or event

  • Releasing a new feature

There are three simple steps to easily sending a message to your mailing list once you have the Chrome Extension installed:

  1. Configure your message template

  2. Record or upload a video to your video library and apply the message template

  3. Embed your video in your email campaign / tool and send!

Step 1: Configure your message template

Just like a regular Bonjoro video message you want your video to play on a landing page that has your branding, messaging and a clear call to action for your viewers. Set up a message template as you usually would (without the subject line as we won't be delivering the message in this case!). Instructions here.

  • Choose your Logo

  • Select a background image if you want one for the campaign

  • Set up your CTA

Note: A good CTA can make all the difference. If you are releasing a new product > link to the product page. Announcing an event > link to the registration page.

Step 2: Record or upload your video and apply the template

Remember to find a good spot to record the video, if you can move your computer, nice lighting, interesting background and bring some good energy to your presentation! Smile and wave to start the video - it makes for a good delivery email as we will cover in the next step. The basic steps are:

  • Click the Bonjoro Chrome Extension icon in your Chrome extension toolbar and select the video only option.

  • Smile, wave and hit record then lay out your message! If you don't get it right first time don't fret.

  • Once you have recorded the video the system will load the config page. Using the options in the left hand menu give it a name to make it recognisable. Use the template drop down to select the template you prepared in Step 1.

  • Alternatively use the 'Upload video' button in your Video Library to upload an existing video. This allows you to record on your phone anywhere rather than just in front of your computer!

Step 3: Embed your video in your email campaign

Almost there. This step is an important one. You can share the video using a simple link or button but the best approach is to embed an image from the video and hyperlink the video URL to the image - so it works just like a regular Bonjoro.

  • In the Bonjoro Video Library grab a screenshot from your video - preferably one near the beginning where you are smiling and waving.

  • Navigate to your email campaign and paste in the image.

  • Hyperlink the Video URL to the image. Use the 'Share' button to access your video URL. The 'Copy into email' button is great for pasting into an ad hoc 1 off email to a single recipient. For mass emails we recommend using the 'Copy link' button and hyperlinking to a screenshot of your choice as outlined here.

  • Add a 'Watch the Video' button and hyperlink the video there as well just to cover your bases.

  • Write the rest of your email and hit send!

That's it - good to go!

Why not just use a video hosted on Youtube?

This is a good question and one we get asked relatively frequently. The short answer is Youtube's whole business model runs on getting people to watch more Youtube. So when your viewers go there, everything about the post video experience is designed to keep them on Youtube. With Bonjoro you give them a dedicated landing page, your branding and a custom CTA for a focused experience and a single action to take that aligns with your campaign.

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