Using our extension you can easily record a webcam video or screen recording and drop it directly into Facebook messenger, Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, your support channels, Slack, websites, SMS providers, anything with a text field!

In this help doc we will be going through how you can use each feature of the chrome extension & include some tips on where you might want to use it. If you haven't downloaded the extension yet, click here.

Using Webcam and our top tips!

Top tips:

  • Don't have a lot of time to type a message? or just want to quickly send an intro to someone? Then web is the one for you.
  • Don't be misunderstood, and quickly send a video. It's easier to understand someones tone in a video than reading a message.
  • Want to update a group of people or all your fans? Then record using Web, add a fun template to go with your video and paste it on any social media outlet.
  • About to jump on a call with someone or just finished a call with a prospective? Give them a face to match the voice and let them see that you're a real person and not just a robot.

Using Screen

Top Tips:

  • Your customer needs a bit of support? Show them what you mean by quickly recording your screen and then paste the link directly into the conversation
  • Show your new subscribers around your platform with a screen recording on how to get around.

Using Screen and Web:

Top Tips:

  • Just like the above tips, showing your screen can save you a lot of typing. With your webcam you just add a bit more familiarity and make it a bit more personal.
  • If you head up support, you know that you want your customers to know that you are human too and not just a bot. Cut down your explanation time and also add a bit of fun by sending a quick screen recording, and then include a little surprise CTA to add a bit of delight.

Manage videos your recordings

Head to the NEW "Recordings" tab in your Bonjoro account and you'll be able to edit and re-share any of your videos from here. Unlike Task based videos, we do store these so you can re-use them when required.

N.B. After recording your first video with the new Chrome recorder, you will automatically be taken to the new Recordings tab in your account.

First release limitations

Some core limitations we will be addressing in future versions, feel free to let us know more - we figured we'd just get this into your hands asap:

  • Cannot edit thumbnail / gif
  • Cannot edit message text on side of video (uses template text)

Got more questions or need more help? Then hit us up on our live chat :)

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