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Next Gen Message templates

Introducing great new features for you video landing pages

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Welcome to a whole new level of functionality for your video landing pages and message templates. Put simply, next gen templates allow you to embed video playlists, and other apps right below your regular personalized Bonjoro video. This opens up a whole world of new opportunities for you and your customers.

Some of the reasons we introduced Next Gen templates

  1. Increase personalisation: If you are anything like us there are some parts of your Bonjoro videos that you repeat with most customers. Create a generic video for this content and add it to your video playlist in a next gen template. You can spend all your time on unique personal content and cover everything you need with the playlist.

  2. Increase the effectiveness of your personal videos: Leverage the impact of your personal message to book meetings, gather survey feedback or register for events / webinars right on the page using your favorite apps.

  3. Leverage your other video content: Use personal video to hook your customers and then serve up relevant production-quality video hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or uploaded to your Bonjoro video library.

We are sure that you will find other awesome ways to use Next gen templates!

How to set up your Next gen templates

Setup is very similar to the original template format with the addition of a third step to configure your playlist and embedded apps.

1. Head to the Templates tab and click '+ Create new template' then select the 'Next gen template option'

2. On the 'Message setup' step add your logo (and integrate your email if you haven't already)

3. On the 'Message Content' step configure your Subject Line, Message Text and Call to Action as per the instructions here.

4. Finally on the 'Landing Page' step you can start to work some magic! You have two options for adding content:

Video Sequence: Click the yellow 'Add video' button to add existing videos or screenshares saved in in your Bonjoro Video Library or upload new videos using the 'Upload Video' button.

Media Embed: Click the blue 'Add media button' to add video, apps or iframes hosted in other online tools. Youtube, Vimeo, Calendar links, Webinar registrations etc. Simply paste the link to the external content and click the blue '+' button. In most cases just the URL to the external resource, video, doc or survey is required rather than the full iframe embed.

Note on embed links: Using iframe embeds is not required - just paste the video, calendar, form etc URL - simple!

Add up to three videos / apps / embeds to be shown on the landing page underneath the personal video messages sent using the template.

Switch to the 'Design elements' tab to add a background image and disable / enable social sharing.

Looking for some inspiration?

Here are some examples of how to use Next Gen Templates from a recent webinar hosted by Casey.

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