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AppSumo FAQs
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**Update regarding cname/custom domains**

We have decided to add custom domains to all AppSumo plans from Tier 2 upwards 🥳. This will allow you to add your own branded domain to your shareable testimonial request forms/URLs.

This will be reflected inside your Bonjoro account, and on the AppSumo deal page by EOP Thursday September 7th. You can see more details here.

How do I collect testimonials from my customers?

Refer to this help article for best practice for collecting video and written testimonials from your customers.

How do my customers record videos?

Here's the recording process from your customer's point of view.

You can always send yourself a request link to test the testimonial giving process before you send your link to customers.

Here's how it looks on desktop:

Here's how it looks on mobile:

How to I publish testimonials on my website?

Refer to this help article for best practice for publishing video and written testimonials on your website using Bonjoro's Wall of Love feature

N.B. Sliders embeds coming very soon - see our roadmap here.

Can I upload my own testimonials to use Bonjoro's publishing features?

Yes you can. You can upload videos, text testimonials, and Twitter and Youtube testimonials to use on your Bonjoro embeds.

Refer to this help article for how to add social media testimonials.

Can I translate the product into other languages?

You can translate some parts of the Testimonials product into another language, to make it easier to collect testimonials from native speakers of that language.

It does not translate the Bonjoro platform from your point of view, but it translates all of the main points of contact for your customer when they are sent a testimonial request, for example the email HTML, and the request form UI and instructions.

To adjust this. Go to Settings -> Language & Region.

Here are the languages supported: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norweigan, Polish, Portugesue, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovakian, Swedish.

What is an embed?

You can embed your video and written testimonials directly on your website or landing pages using Bonjoro's Wall of Love feature. Once you have embedded the iframe on your site, you can update the testimonials that appear on your embed in real-time by adding and removing tags to the testimonials inside your Bonjoro Testimonials account.

One (1) embed means you can create one Wall of Love to embed on your website or landing page. You can create multiple Wall of Love's, and each one will count as another embed.

N.B. As an agency, you could create unique embeds for different clients to use on their websites.

How do the video testimonial limits work?

Every video you collect from a customer counts as one (1) video collected. Once you reach your video limit, your customers will still be able to record and submit testimonials, but you will need to upgrade to unlock and view them.

One (1) question answered by video equals one (1) video collected.

N.B. Deleted videos still count against your number of total videos collected.

Are the video limits monthly or total?

The limits are total, not monthly. Once you hit the limit for one plan, you will need to stack a code to move to the next plan up.

The limits are based on total testimonials collected, vs. testimonials stored inside your account. So if you collect 250, you will need to bump up to the AppSumo plan above by stacking another code.

For those that need unlimited videos, we created a plan for AppSumo (by stacking 5 codes) that includes unlimited video testimonials.

It is worth noting that this is only a limit on video testimonials. You can collect unlimited text testimonials on all plans.

What happens when I hit my limit for videos testimonials, users, or embeds?

You will need to stack more codes to upgrade your limits. If you are unable to do this, please contact Bonjoro's support team via Live Chat or [email protected] and we will help you.

Is custom domains included?

After initial user feedback we have decided to add a custom domain for your testimonial request URLs to all AppSumo plans Tier 2 and upwards. This will allow you to add your own branded domain to your shareable testimonial request forms/URLs.

To activate this, head to Settings -> then Domains, and follow the steps under Custom Domains. You will add your own subdomain and domain name like this:

Then the URL of your request forms will look like this:

Here's an example of a request page with a custom domain activated. N.B. This shows the Bonjoro logo, but you can add your own easily.

Do you have a fully white-labelled plan?

We do not have full white-labelling at the moment. A fully white labelled "agency" plan is planned for early 2024, but we do not know full details right now.

What does "Add your own branding" mean?

Here is a list of the branding you can add/remove:

  • Add your logo to your testimonial request forms

  • Add background image on your request forms

  • Remove Bonjoro logo from your Wall of love embeds

You cannot update the branding on transactional notifications yet (e.g. Response complete, response incomplete notifications).

There are some more branding options for your testimonial embeds coming very soon. These will be released within 2-3weeks.

Is Bonjoro video messaging included in this deal?

The AppSumo lifetime deal is only for Bonjoro Testimonials. Our video messaging product will remain a subscription only product for the foreseeable future.

You can trial the video messaging product, and use the free video messaging plan from inside your Bonjoro account once you are signed up to Bonjoro Testimonials - it's just a few clicks to activate to see if you like it.

Are there any time limits of my customers testimonial videos?

No, there is no time limit on video length.

What is the resolution of the testimonials videos?

Testimonials videos are in 1280x720 (720p) by default for speed of uploading/downloading. But your customer can easily switch that to 1080p - so if you want 1080p you should add that in your instructions when you send them your testimonial request.

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