The most powerful step in Bonjoro is moving to a fully integrated system, where by your Bonjoro's are assigned and tracked directly from and in your own CRM.  You can see our dedicated integrations here - for all other integrations our Zapier plugin enables you to connect Bonjoro to most CRM softwares.

Part 1 - Assign a Bonjoro when a customer performs an action

Remove the need to manually add a customer into the Bonjoro system ever again. Set up integrations for your team to automatically be notified when to:

  • Welcome new signups & paying users 

  • Check in with existing customers ever 6 weeks

  • Follow up with a customer when they perform a specific action.

N.B. In the video below we set up an Intercom > Zapier > Bonjoro integration - but this can be used as a template for whatever CRM you are using.

Remember, you don't need an API key for Bonjoro, so just skip this step on Zapier when asked:)

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