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Set up and collect testimonials from your best customers

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Welcome to Bonjoro's newest product - Testimonials! It's the easiest way to collect quick, structured testimonials from your best customers.

This help doc will cover setting up your testimonial request in Bonjoro - up to the point of inviting your customers to share their thoughts.

  1. Creating a testimonial project

  2. Design and Instructions

  3. Crafting your questionnaire

  4. Additional information requests

  5. Inviting customers to complete

  6. Reviewing responses

1. Creating a testimonial project

Head to the testimonial tab in your account Bonjoro Account and select the 'Create new project'

Once created give your testimonial project a name so you can easily recognize it on your project index.

2. Project design and instructions

You'll be presented with the project builder, with configuration steps on the left, and a preview of your project on the right. The first step is to add your logo, background and general testimonial instructions.

  • Click the first 'Add an image' button to upload your company logo, and the second to add a background image. Once you upload the image select it and click 'Done'.

  • Write in or edit the welcome message that appears under your Bonjoro account profile. Make it friendly and remind your customers how much their means to you and your company.

  • Write in or edit the Testimonial instructions that will appear on the right hand side of the screen while the testimonials are completed. A few tips:

    • Ask them to record somewhere nice and bright with good lighting

    • Ask them to make sure their computer isn't overloaded to minimize chances of sound syncing issues.

    • Suggest recording on a laptop/desktop if they can

3. Crafting your questionnaire

Click onto the 'Questionnaire' section on the left of the project builder to move onto your questionnaire.

  • Choose whether you would like to restrict customers to video testimonials, written responses, or both using the check boxes.

  • Write in or edit the Question 1 field to create your first question. Keep the questions positive and focused on the value you deliver for your customers

  • Click 'add a question' to add additional questions up to a total of 6 questions

4. Additional information requests

Click onto the 'Other requests' step - here you can ask your customers to provide their company logo, profile photos and other assets that can be used with their testimonial.

  • Use the check box to request images - like company logo, profile shot or photos of a product for which a testimonial is being provided. Write in a description into the available field for a custom photo to be able to use the check box.

  • Use the Check box to request social or other links e.g. the customers LinkedIn, Facebook or company website links.

Once completed - compose a thank you message that will display for the customer once they complete the testimonial questionnaire

Then hit 'Save and Close' at the top right of the screen to save your project.

5. Inviting customers to complete

Now it is time to invite customers to complete their testimonials.

  • After you save your project - find it on your testimonial project list and click the 'Invite respondents' button

  • A modal will appear with a unique link to your testimonial project.

  • Click 'Copy link' to copy and paste the project link into an invite email, SMS, social message or any other channel you use to reach your customers (including a Bonjoro video message CTA)

That's it - you've created your Testimonial project and sent your first invite - well done!

6. Reviewing responses

Once you start receiving testimonials you'll get an email to let you know as well as notifications on your testimonial project list.

Click into your project to review responses

  • Select the customer from the responses list on the left hand side of the screen.

  • This will load the responses provided by that customer. You can view the videos by clicking the 'play' button on the video tiles, download the videos or copy a link to share or embed each video

  • You can download any uploaded assets like profile photos and company logos in the 'Uploaded files' section.

  • Delete the entire response for your list at the top right.

  • If you need to edit your testimonial project - click the 'Edit project button at the top right.

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