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How to record a testimonial video response
How to record a testimonial video response

Here's how to record a video testimonial using Bonjoro's video recorder

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So you've been lucky enough to be invited to provide a testimonial for one of your favorite brands! Follow the quick easy steps here to share your thoughts and help them grow and keep doing what you love.

Completing a testimonial using Bonjoro's testimonial tool is quick and easy. A few things before we get started:

  1. If you can - please complete the testimonial on your computer (desktop/laptop) in Chrome browser with as few tabs open or other programs running as you can.

  2. Please find somewhere nice and bright, with good, even lighting and minimal background noise if you are recording your videos directly. You can also review the questions and record your videos outside then upload them from your computer.

  3. You can return to the testimonial using the link any time before you complete to update or edit your responses.

1. Load the testimonial capture questionnaire

Click on the testimonial questionnaire link, or copy and paste it into your browser to get started. You'll see a screen something like the one below. Enter your name and email address to get started.

Once you enter your details and hit 'Let's go' the questionnaire will load. The first thing you will be prompted for is permission for the page to access your video camera and microphone for video testimonial collection = please allow permission.

2. Completing the questionnaire

You'll then be presented with the first question on a screen like the one below.

  • Please take a moment to read the questionnaire instructions in the info panel on the right.

  • Read the first question and then select how you would like to answer from the options available. Depending on how the questionnaire is configured you can have up to 3 options:

    • Record a response directly in your browser

    • Upload a response you have recorded and saved on your computer/device

    • Type a written response

  • Make your choice and record/upload/submit your response.

  • When recording your response directly you can review it after recording and delete or redo the video before uploading it.

  • Wait for the video to upload and click 'Next' when the button becomes available to move on to the next question.

  • Complete all the questions in the questionnaire.

3. Uploading additional info

The company requesting the testimonial may request additional information or resources to go with the testimonial to help them present you and your feedback in the best light. This may include a professional profile photo, your company logo if it's a B2B testimonial or product photos of a purchase you have made.

  • To upload each resource click the 'upload' button and select the relevant file from your computer/device to upload them.

  • Where social or business links are requested just paste them into the relevant field.

  • Click 'Next' to confirm your uploads.

4. Confirming consent

Any time your image or testimonial is going to be shared publicly - consent is an important part of the process. The next step is to provide a record of consent by clicking the check box so there's a record of your permission for public use of the resources you have submitted.

Once checked just hit 'Submit' and you are all done!

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