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Setup the Bonjoro app in ActiveCampaign to segment contacts based on video activity (video watched, clicked, shared, liked)

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Welcome to Bonjoro’s custom object App in ActiveCampaign! This advanced feature is a phenomenal way to pass back video engagement data from your Bonjoro videos to ActiveCampaign for triggers and segmentation.

Note: this is an advanced feature and not necessary to create a Bonjoro + ActiveCampaign automation. If you’d like to integrate Bonjoro with ActiveCampaign so you can send videos at the perfect time, see here for step-by-step instructions.

This help doc will cover setting up the Bonjoro App in ActiveCampaign including:

  1. Where to find the Bonjoro App in ActiveCampaign

  2. See the events ActiveCampaign will receive from Bonjoro

  3. Map fields from Bonjoro to ActiveCampaign

  4. Select trigger

  5. Choose conditions

  6. Ideas for segmentation

  7. Find video activity in contact field

  1. Find the Bonjoro App in ActiveCampaign

To begin, find the Bonjoro app in the App Marketplace and then click “Add an account” in the top right corner. See app install example screen recording here and follow the instructions to connect your account. Note: if you are an existing Bonjoro user, you will still have to go to the App listing page and click "Add Account" in the top right corner. If you already have a Bonjoro automation set-up, your existing connection with Bonjoro should be listed as an available option.

2. Bonjoro Events

ActiveCampaign will receive information regarding Events related to when a video has been opened, watched, replied to, clicked, shared, or liked.

3. Map fields from Bonjoro to ActiveCampaign

Email address is the primary field you will need as video activity will automatically pass back.

4. Select Trigger

After you’ve connected the Bonjoro App with your account, then go to Automations, select a Trigger, click on Apps and select Bonjoro. ‘Bonjoro Video updated’ will allow you to create segments based on video activity.

5. Choose Conditions

To set up an automation, select conditions. Example of a condition: Message template is (name of Bonjoro template) AND Watch count is Greater Than or equal to 1. (To trigger an automation when a video and this specific Bonjoro template has been watched)

6. Ideas for segmentation

After a trigger has been set up, can segment these users into another automation.

In addition to triggering an automation, can add a tag or subscribe to a new list when a certain event (i.e. video watched) has occurred.

7. Find video activity in contact field

In ActiveCampaign in a contact’s Contact field, you can see details of video activity.

You can use the Bonjoro custom objects App in addition to having a direct integration with ActiveCampaign!

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