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Get Started with Bonjoro

Get to grips with Bonjoro and become a video pro.

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Welcome onboard the Bonjoro train🚂.

We're going to be going through 5 important parts of Bonjoro that you need to set up to make sure that your Bonjoro trial is successful. 

  1. Sending your first video on Desktop and Mobile

  2. Branding and Personalising your messages

  3. Send from your own email address

  4. Integrate with your existing tools. 

  5. Creating messages that convert.

  6. Adding our NEW Chrome Extension

🐻Chapter 1 -  Sending your first Video.

Sending a test to yourself and adding your first customer
You'll find your new account tasklist pre-loaded and ready to send yourself a test message to the email address you signed up with. If you connected your software at signup, it may have some customers too. 

Click here for a step by step walk-through - or click on your task to give it a go yourself ORRR watch this awesome video on how you can send via Desktop


Once you send the message the task moves from your tasklist to your results tab on the left of your tasklist screen on the left - give it some time for people to open and reply.

🐻Chapter 2 - Branding & Personalising your messages

Message templates.These allow you to customise how your messages look and feel, and drive customers to take SPECIFIC actions after they view your message. You can only set these up on desktop, but you can select a template to apply to any message you send as the last step on both mobile and desktop recording.

  1. Click on the Templates tab at the top of the screen or on the left nav menu on desktop and work through the instructions here if you get stuck.

Also You can change your language and time zone here and choose an animated preview / customise your teams email footer here

🐻Chapter 3 - Send from your own email address

Outbound Email AddressesTo get the very best open rates, we want to make sure messages sent come from YOUR email address. Visit outbound email addresses and you can connect your email via Gmail, Microsoft or for absolute best practice, using Verified Domains

There is a help doc for this process if you get stuck, it can be a little technical, but well worth doing.

🐻Chapter 4 - Integrations - Connecting with your existing tools

Using our direct integrations. We integrate with a number of CRM's, Mailing lists, and other tools such as Patreon, you can find our list in the integrations section of the site (desktop only). See here for our intro help doc.

An integration connection enables you to:

  • Notify yourself or a team member when a customer or lead performs a specific action, for instance - converts to a paid account. A "task" is created in your list to then send this customer a message.

  • You can also send results back to your software to trigger future actions.

Follow the steps to connect your tools, and configure the options you want to use. For instance, you may have options to create a new task to send a message to a "New User" or a "Tagged User".

Attributes let you display CRM data before you record a message, to help you personalise the message quickly. For instance, show their country, language and what steps they have taken in your funnel (you can read more about attributes here)

OR Use Zapier for everything else - We use Zapier to connect into 2000 more pieces of software, see if yours is here:

To set up a Zapier connection head to Integrations > Use Zapier to connect
You can read more about the huge number of custom workflows you can build with Zapier here

🐻Chapter 5 -  Creating messages that convert

  1. Start every Bonjoro with a smile and a wave

  2. Say the customers name, and mention other custom things so they know its real such as their business name, country, day of the week, or hello in their language.

  3. ALWAYS have a call to action - and not just the button in your message template. ASK a customer to take a next step, be it leave a review, contact support, book a call or do step X in your onboarding.

  4. Last but not least...just be you. Drop the tie, the suit, get outdoors with a coffee and connect on a personal level. Conversions are nothing to do with video, they are all about you standing out in a world of automation by spending time with customers:)

🐻Chapter 6: Our Chrome extension! 

Our new Chrome recorder lets you record and share UNLIMITED webcam videos or screen recordings! WAHOO! 

Use this to record a webcam video or screen recording and drop it directly into Facebook messenger, Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, your support channels, Slack, websites, SMS providers, anything with a text field!

To download and understand how you can use it, check it out right here



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🎉👇Bonus Bonus🎉👇

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